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TC Time Walk團隊是由一群熱愛台中在地生活的年輕人所組成。藉由「走路說故事」的方式帶給來自外國、外地、本地的旅人, 認識深度的台中城區人文歷史、建築、河流…等,並以各區塊特色的不同,設計僅屬於此區域的獨家導覽。快來用足跡喚醒全身對都市的脈絡記憶,來一次深度旅行讓你對台中之美終身不會忘記。
TC Time Walk will serve as a precursory review of what the city has to offer and we invite you to join our city walk!Taichung is both a historic marvel and one of the most important foodie mecca in the world – As the birthplace of the worldwide sensation Boba aka Pearl Milk tea.The old city center of Taichung is a city with a split personality, designed by the Japanese in the19th Century to be the little Kyoto outside of Japan. It now echoes the youthful metropolis of Westernization.



  • 舊城區
  • 中西區
  • 草悟道區
  • 南屯區
  • 霧峰區
  • 舊城區 Downtown
  • 中西區 MidWest
  • 草悟道區 Calligraphy Path
  • 南屯區 Nantun
  • 霧峰區 Wufang