【超人氣】菜市小食趣 Food&Bike Tour

NT$800 NT$750

 Biking X Local Food



Cycling in the morning, spurring up the appetite ,then eating

as a local, Be a Taichung Connoisseur.

Meet Point | 台中舊火車站前廣場 Old Taichung Station Front Plaza

Meet Time | 09:00AM

NTD 700


語言 Language

中文 | ENG

區域 Location

台中市中區 Center District

包含 Include

專業城市導覽 Professional Guidance, 3味市場小吃 3 local Dishes, Bike-Rental Fee

時間 Duration

3 Hours

可預約 Reservation

預約制 Please E-mail us and Check available time

Please Email us and check available time, then you could book it. 請先寄信給我們,我們將幫您安排導覽體驗時間。

Limit 人數限制 | At least 4 people up 最低人數 4人


Cycling in the morning, spurring up the appetite ,then eating as a local, Be a Taichung Connoisseur.

怎麼走Where to go :

百年車站 Hundred Years Station

台中火車站 Taichung Station

臺中火車站第一代建立於1905年,通車於1908年,是臺中都會區極為重要的交通轉運樞紐。現今站房屋頂構造外型貌似蝴蝶展翅,頂樓高37公尺,約12層樓高,是台灣鐵路系統的車站中最高的鐵路車站。 The station was originally constructed in 1905 and started its operation in 1908. On 16 October 2016, the elevated station was inaugurated in which the ground-level station was shut down.

Meridian Hotel


舊時的金沙百貨。為台中舊城過去的最高地標,各地來到台中市區的車輛都以它為標的,為夜間最明亮的燈塔。The old name "Golden Department store".It's one of the tallest tower in Downtown area,which used to be the light house for the traveler who want to reach Taichung station to a journey.

Mr,Bai Lawyer office


舊時的臺籍律師事務所。年代悠久,從外觀依稀可看出日本時期為一新穎之建築體,目前作為共同辦公室做使用。Taiwanese lawyer who studied in Japan and serve as a public lawyer for Taiwanese against the unfair prosecute. In the recent day it reconstruct as a Co-working space.

Japanese dorm of Chunghwua bank


臺中僅存少數之兩層樓的日本建築,外觀保存完整,曾是接待銀行高級官員很重要之會所。Two stories Japanese house which serve as the hospitality club for receiving the guest from different bank.

Six Arts Cultural house


1937年建成,為舊時日本警察練武之地方,現在為一生活美學館,主要傳習新六藝課程。 Built in 1937 as a marshal practice ground for judo and kendo,it has now turned into a culture center for six arts.

Fifth market


如果想要生活得更台中,那可別錯過第五市場。從販售新鮮蔬果、早午餐熱食、到各式各樣在地小吃,這裡的叫賣聲證明台灣人的人情味到處皆是。 Frequented by connoisseurs, it is not hard to find savory delicacies with lines circling the street.A perfect way to live like a local and enjoy people-watching as you absorb the scene.

Taichung literature Pavilion


台中文學館為認識台中文學軌跡的一日式風格展示空間。藉由文學公園的裝置藝術搭配日本老屋子的陪襯,這裡的每一步都充滿著文學。 Following the cultural footsteps of Taichung,visitors can find themselves immerse in the poetic ambiance within the literary museums,calligraphy wall and the garden.



所有導覽體驗皆必須至少提前24小時預約,如有任何問題歡迎聯繫+886939086896 Chester。All tours have to be booked at least 24 hours before the tour start. If you get any question, just feel free to ask and call .+886939086896 Chester.

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