故事列車漫遊 Modern Story-Chain Tour

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    舊城區 Downtown
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    市民廣場ibike租賃處 People Square ibike stop
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跳進兔子洞,一場景一故事 every story,every move

台中草悟道是目前世界各地遊客最熱愛的旅行文創集散地,小店林立在這條綠園道兩側,處處都充滿了鮮明的創意台灣味,不管是咖啡店、書店、餐廳…等都各據一方。 但我們真的認識這片綠道的緣起嗎? 『跳進兔子洞』像是一個時空穿越門,藉由騎腳踏車的方式、迷人的在地有趣故事串連,帶大家遠離帄時熟悉的草悟道,穿越時空走入過去美軍所居住的土庫里、唱片行、共食廚房…等,分享故事及創業理念。讓帄時速食的生活步調,用緩慢的腳步,認識這熟悉又不熟悉的台中。

CaoWu Square, located in the center of Calligraphy Greenway is fast becoming the destination in Taichung for anyone seeking fun and adventure. Design-oriented restaurants, boutique cafés, book stores and music fairs dotted both sides of Calligraphy Greenway that distinctively spells Taiwan. But, do we really know the origin of this place? 『Paisley in Wonderland』 takes you through time as we jump through each decade speeding through the alleyways of Calligraphy Greenway from the old US military living square, record shop to the current sharing economy practice by young entrepreneurs. Let’s slow down our pace as we explore the familiar and the unfamiliar parts of Taichung.

參訪點 Walk Plan

草悟道市民廣場 People Square – EXT尋嚐 EXT Coffee Shop– 七喜廚房 Sevenjoy Kitchen (Common Food)– 藍色唱片行Blue DJ Music Shop – 土庫里Tuku art Village – 美軍豆乳冰US Soya shaved ice – 審計新村 Shenji New Village– 忠信市場 ChungShin Market

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