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TC Time Walk Founder's bike tour
Historical downtown walking tour
Group tour: Five-senses experience at Old Taichung central
Artisanal one-day pastry chef experience
Central Western District Biking Tour feat. market food
Taichung's First Street with stories of Nantun Plow Store
Adventurous Treasure Hunt
Taichung sign language tour of the old city

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Historical downtown walking tour

【ESG】What is sustainable low-carbon journey?

Embark on a lively adventure with TC TIME WALK! Explore the entire journey on foot or by bike, embracing zero-emission or low-carbon vibes. Dive into the local scene, indulge in Earth-friendly fun at popular spots, and change the way you see local travel. Join us for a spirited exploration that's not only good for you but also great for the planet!

【Payment】Is tipping trendy when joining a walking tour? How much is appropriate? What's the payment method?

You can make on-site payments in cash, and some guides may accept electronic payments. We recommend reaching out with any questions when you receive the guide's email before your tour.

【Departure】: If I am unable to participate in the scheduled time for the tip-based tour, can I request a change in time?

The tip-based walking tour in Taichung City runs on fixed hours: Weekdays 19:00-21:00 | Weekends 10:00-12:00, 15:00-17:00. If you have a group of five or more people and would like to request for a different time, drop us a message to check guide availability. Let's make it work for you!

【Departure】 Is historical downtown walking tour available every day?

To ensure a traveler-friendly experience in Taichung, TC TIME WALK has a diverse team of guides scheduled daily, eagerly awaiting your arrival!
However, there might be occasional situations where guides are unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. We recommend making a reservation at least 72 hours in advance, allowing us to arrange a top-notch guide for you!

【Itinenary】Wondering how far do we need to walk during the walking tour?

Fear not, while this journey lasts 90-120 minutes, the straight-line distance from start to finish is a mere 400 meters. Our guides will lead you through the historic streets, unveiling the charm of bygone eras and the vibrant life of the community! Isn't it incredibly engaging and meaningful?

【Itinenary】How long is the duration of the historical downtown walking tour?

The tour experience lasts for 90-120 minutes, and various tour guides will offer their professional perspectives to showcase different aspects of the Taichung City.

【Mix Question】Can my group participate in the tiped-based guided tour as well?

Small groups of less than 5 people, including families, couples, and individual travelers, are welcome to join. Groups of 5 people or more are advised to consider other themed or customized group tours.

【Tour guide】Is it possible to request a specific tour guide?

Explore the charm of the Old City with our vibrant local guides, each from diverse backgrounds. They're on duty every day, so if you have a friend leading tours, don't hesitate to ask about their schedule and join in for an engaging and meaningful experience!

【Differences in itinerary】 How does a tip-based tour vary from other guided tours?

Experience the thrill of our dynamic regional tours! Just one person can spark a lively adventure. Our vibrant local guides, representing various professions, bring the energy. Best part? It's tip-based, making it an affordable and unforgettable journey. Bring your friends, and let the fun begin – every tour is a new, exciting chapter!

【Differences in itineraries】: What distinguishes the historical downtown walking tour guided Tour from the group old city sensory experience? Are the itineraries the same?

Tip-based walking tours in the old city are fixed-time, fixed-location services that can be conducted with just one participant. From rookie guides to seasoned pros, anyone might lead the way, but sorry, no custom schedules here. You pay as you go for any expenses during the tour. It's like strolling and chatting with a lively local friend!

Dive into the old city sensory experience with a schedule as flexible as your mood! Our energetic Project Manager is at your service, ready to spice up the original old city route according to your tastes. Brace yourself for a journey of heightened sensations, complete with exclusive local gifts for all participants. It's a blast of an experience you won't want to miss, and we can host up to 200 lively souls!

Other Themes/Group Tours/Customized Guided Tours

【Comprehensive】How does the guidance of TC TIME WALK differ from typical walking tours?

TC Time Walk offers lively, themed local tours by guides from various professions, making it easy for solo travelers to join. From Old City explorations to specialized themes like pastries DIY, cycling, and food addict, each visit provides a fresh look at local life through the city's diverse perspectives.

【Comprehensive】Why should I pay for a guided tour? Can't I just explore on my own?

Discovering a tourist's adventure in the rhythm of local life! With the vibrant perspective of Taichung locals, you'll not only hear intriguing tales but also gain a local buddy. Why miss out on all the fun?

【Comprehensive】With a diverse range of itineraries, are there any recommended tours for different demographics to participate in?

-For those with an interest in history and culture, you can join the Old City guided tour or the Old City Five Senses experience.
-For those who enjoy food and physical activity, you can join the cycling tour.
-For family fun, you can join the artisan handmade One-day pastry master.
-For school students, you can explore urban culture through a city-wide treasure hunt.
-For those that would like to embark on an adventure into the unknown: Join the Taichung sign language tour of the Old City.
For groups, feel free to reach out directly through messanger. With so many options, we're here to assist!🙂

【For groups and schools】As a company/school, I'm interested in organizing internal team-building activities. Does TC TIME WALK provide services for such events?

Certainly. TC TIME WALK aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and corporate ESG initiatives. Through our service design, we lead guests to experience low-carbon/zero-carbon travel (SDG13), urban sustainable cultural heritage (SDG11), and responsible consumption (SDG12). We provide a sustainable travel solution for businesses in urban areas. Contact TC TIME WALK through messenger for details.

【Groups and schools】I am a school teacher/parent interested in organizing extracurricular experiential courses or incorporating guided tours as part of student learning activities, such as graduation trips or school field trip. Does TC TIME WALK offer such services?

Of course! TC TIME WALK offers short-duration tours tailored for children and students, interactive treasure hunts for exploring urban areas, and a one-day tour guide course on becoming young ambassadors. These programs are designed to encourage more teachers and students interested in exploring the field of tour guiding to participate in the dissemination and inheritance of culture!

【Payment】How is the pricing structured for themed/group tours?

For themed tours, you can first select the tour you'd like to join, and the experience cost is displayed on the product page. If the number of participants exceeds 20, please message us to inquire about possible adjustments to the itinerary or other promotional information.
For group tours, please contact us directly through messenger and provide details such as your organization, preferred date, number of participants, preferred content, budget, etc.

【Payment】Curious about the quotation process for corporations or groups?

Online consultation with the editor. -> Provides relevant information and requirements. ->We conduct assessment/planning. -> Quotation is provided. -> Upon confirmation, a 30% deposit is transferred. -> Pre-tour notification is sent. ->Final payment is settled the day before the tour. ->Guided tour is executed on the scheduled day. ->Invoice or receipt is sent (or provided on the tour day). ->Relevant photos are delivered. -> Case is closed.

【Group tour】What if I want to join a themed tour but the minimum group size is not met?

I suggest inviting friends to join or making an upfront payment based on the minimum group size (4 people). If additional participants sign up later, the price difference will be refunded within 7 days of the event. If there are no further sign-ups on the same day, the minimum group fee will not be refunded.

【Group tour】For first-timers, what kind of itinerary is suitable to join?

We recommend joining the 『Historical downtown walking tour』 or 『Old Town Five Senses Experience』 to explore the original appearance of Taichung's urban development and get to know TC TIME WALK!

About Coach to go guide training courses

【Groups】Is the course interesting? Who is it suitable for in terms of learning the course?

The course features diverse formats – live interactions, outdoor exploration, and time-limited E-Learning. It breaks traditional molds, ensuring an engaging and interactive experience. Ideal for those eager to learn, love Taichung, enjoy stage presentations, and promote local culture!

【Restrictions】Are there any age or English proficiency certificate requirements?

All ages are welcome to join and learn together. No language certificates are required; an online interview will determine the course arrangements based on language proficiency. Over 300 participants from diverse backgrounds, aged 14 to 80, have already benefited from the courses. Our guides are proficient in over 4 languages, including sign language.

【Duration】How long is the course?

Classes have flexible schedules determined by the cohort. The 20-hour duration covers live sessions, outdoor exploration, and a 2-hour time-limited E-Learning course.

【Registration Process】What is the subsequent process after enrolling in the course?

Sign up for the course -> Receive an email -> Schedule an online interview with a dedicated person -> Make payment -> Attend the official course -> Assessment -> Post-course celebration and service explanation

【Discount】Do you offer discounts for groups?


【Contribution】Will I be able to start guiding services immediately after completing the course?

課程考核與導覽服務是分開權責單位評估 ; 考核通過將給予合格聘書,是否加入大團隊進行導覽服務,將由團隊多元評估,確認與TC TIME WALK 品牌願景一致,並邀請考核通過的學員參與後續大團隊的導覽服務。

【Coaching】I would like to become a coach/lecturer in the CTG course, what do I need to do?

You're invited to join the exciting COACH TO GO training course! Dive into the program to master its execution, pass the exam with flying colors, and unlock the door to becoming a coach within the dynamic TC TIME WALK team!

【Offering service】Would I be able earn money when I offer tour service?

The original intention of TC TIME WALK is to convey the beauty of Taichung to the world through the perspective of locals.
Through the historical downtown walking tour, you will receive tips from tourists, and the actual amount depends on the generosity of the tourists. Typically, it ranges from $10 per person.

【Coaching】Could we nominate a lecturer/coach?

Yes for a group registration, but it also requires the coach's approval!

【Organisation/School】I am a school interested in integrating our curriculum with your tour program. How can we collaborate?

It is suggested to sign up for 【Beginner】one-day tour guide exprience training course. If you are still interested in becoming a TC TIME WALK tour guide later, part of the fee can be used as credit towards the advaned course.

【Differences in courses】I've taken guided tours from both government and other organizations. Curious to know the distinctions between them?

Of course, it's the practicality and flexibility of the course! TC TIME WALK breaks the limitations of time and space, putting the decision-making power back in the hands of participants. You no longer have to worry about not being able to accommodate the schedule after registration or the risk of COVID-19 infection in indoor spaces for classes. Completing the course and passing the exam will make you a competent tour guide ready for the field!

Any other questions?

Any more burning questions? Shoot them our way! And hey, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback too!

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