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TC Time Walk Founder's bike tour
Historical downtown walking tour
Group tour: Five-senses experience at Old Taichung central
Artisanal one-day pastry chef experience
Central Western District Biking Tour feat. market food
Taichung's First Street with stories of Nantun Plow Store
Adventurous Treasure Hunt
Taichung sign language tour of the old city

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【Solo Traveller friendly, 1000+ Reservations】Taichung Must-Visit: local sense Free Walking Tour – Little Kyoto Tour | Tips-based


Daily at 19:00PM | Weekends at 10:00 AM and 15:00PM


1.5 to 2 hours

Meeting Point

In front of the New Taichung Train Station information center


Support this sustainable local experience with tips. Tip Guide: Not bad - NT$200-300. Liked and will return - NT$400-500. Highly recommended to friends - NT$500+

No time to read? Take 30 sec for a quick graphic intro!

★This experience is suitable forIndividuals or families with fewer than 5 members, both domestic and international travelers.!

★Fixed assembly time and location: Weekdays 19:00-21:00, (e.g., weekends 10:00-12:00 or 15:00-17:00).(Please book 48 hours in advance.)

★Embark on a captivating journey through Taichung's enchanting old city, often dubbed the "Little Kyoto." Engage your senses in a unique and immersive experience as you interact with knowledgeable local guides. This is not just a tour; it's a vibrant exploration that unveils the city's hidden treasures, leaving you with unforgettable memories. Join us for an adventure where every moment is a discovery!

★Each guides are deeply connected to the local scene. Expand your social network and witness how guides from various industries master the art of local connection.

Total tour durationNumber of sessionsNumber of participants
2015The most iconic route since 2015. If you want to get to know us, sign up right away!

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Explore the heart of Taichung with a lively group of locals!

This experience isavailable with local guides on duty every day!Tailored for solo travelers seeking a unique experience in Taichung.

Each guide is fromdiverse expertise, professions, and extensive local guiding experienceenriched by the diverse life experiences of our local guides, ensuring a fresh and unique perspective every time you join us.

From over70 different occupations, specially trained local hosts are scheduled to serve, eagerly anticipating visitors from all around Taiwan and the world. Discover your very own, personalized experience in a《local way》!!

Media Buzz Coverage

Recommended by the Taichung City Tourism Bureau: 【Local Experts Highly Recommend】90-minute City Stroll / Eat, Drink, and Play with Locals to Understand the City's History and Culture

Experience time (Same service as the global travel trend WALKING TOUR)

Fixed-time service | We recommend making reservations at least 48 hours in advance.

Weekdays : 19:00pm-21:00pm

Weekend and Public Holiday03:00pm-05:00pm(New section available)

Meeting point

New Taichung Train Station information center. (Detailed location will be provided in the confirmation email after booking.)


Tip-based(friendly to solo travellers)!

Average cost for WALKING TOUR abroad is $10 USD per person, prices are for reference only.
All guides undergo professional training, interviews, courses, and assessments, contributing through service to provide you with the most authentic local experience.

Reasons you can't miss this experience:

1. Explore a century of urban charm with our Old City Architectural Marvels & Urban Renewal Expedition – where history comes alive in the heart of the city!
2. Eco-friendly travel with zero pollution. Explore the city's treasures on foot and create lasting memories step by step.
3. Local and professional trained guides will lead you for a playful and humorous journey.
4. It's time to dive into the city's the unique 5 senses experience!


n the last three decades, Taichung's old city, once overlooked, has staged a triumphant comeback, thanks to the revitalization of two rivers, Liuchuan and Green River. These waterways have breathed an ineffable vitality into the city, coupled with the influence of Japan's urban renewal, transforming it into a modern hub for everyday life. The bustling First, Second, Third, and Fifth Markets have become epicenters of urban dynamism, while the rivers offer delightful recreational spaces, and the architecture instills a profound pride in locals, a tangible connection to their growth and heritage in this vibrant locale.

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey through this experience, connecting with water, people, architecture, and local stories. Explore the charming alleys between the two rivers, engage in hands-on pastry making, discover architectural wonders, indulge in local delicacies, and hear the vibrant stories of the locals—a brief yet enriching adventure for all your senses.

Standard Routine (For those who want customized times and locations, you can clickhere.)

Life is meant for soaking in the journey, not just racing to the destination! The Old Town area is a treasure trove of precious 【time memories】 and 【historical gems】. Come join TC Timewalk for a lively and unique old city expedition!

Professional Guided Tour: 2 hrs

1917 Taichung Train Station-A train station from the vibrant Meiji era, a living testament to Taichung's splendor! Let's delve into the lively tale of how this building and railway reshaped the fate of Taichung.

1927 Miyahara Sweet Shop-What's the connection between ophthalmology and desserts? In this whimsical, magical setting, let's embark on a lively journey to discover how a once-fated building springs back to life!

1908 Shinse Bridge-A seemingly ordinary bridge turns out to be a century-old structure, revealing intricately carved marks of the past "Little Kyoto." Allow me to tell you, why was it built? And what distinguished guests has it hosted?

1912 Green River-The river carries the history and culture of the city. Beneath its glamorous facade, however, lies a past shunned by many. Once derogatorily referred to as the "Stinky Drain," it has undergone a profound metamorphosis. What kind of story is concealed behind its now radiant exterior?

1915 Sakura Bridge-As spring departs and summer arrives, autumn harvests and winter conceals, much like a slumbering beauty. Beneath the romantic bridge's name, who has veiled the traces of its existence?

2019 ASEAN Square-Once a thriving hub of commerce and entertainment, it plummeted into the depths of despair due to an unexpected incident. Let me narrate how it transformed into the vibrant ASEAN Square that we see today, brimming with exotic charm.

1948 Herbal Street-Shennong(the God of farmer) unhesitatingly subjecting oneself to the verification of the medicinal properties of plants, enduring hardships to taste a hundred herbs. We will lead you into the inconspicuous alleyways, sipping the wisdom and perseverance of a century. Together, we imbibe the black liquid that holds the essence of a hundred years of well-being.

1909: Taiwan Suncake Museum-What extraordinary individual could boast a private residence as enchanting and grand as a train station? Let us take you on a lively journey through the historical fusion of pastry culture and century-old landmarks, creating sparks of awe and wonder at every turn!

1966 4th Credit Union"In the masterpiece of architecture where desserts collide with concrete, old photographs in the stairwell tell tales of a bygone era. Push open the gates of the vault, and let us guide you into the secrets hidden by the hands of time."

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